Coal museum
1995 National Exhibition of Korean Architecture
Grand Prize, Exhibition at Seoul Art Center

Taebaek and Gohan were famous for mining industry in Korea. The first village under the sun, Taebaek area was increasing as main producing place of coal within the country, but since rationalization policy of mining industry, due to coal industry that is based on resional economy has became collapse, social problems are caused, for example, a decrease in population, a cavity of resion, contracting of resional economy. Most mine worker became city pauper that was caught in a vicious circle. There is not alternative to keep coal industry because most people prefer to cleanness fuel and disregard coal which is inconvenient, dangerous and difficult to move. This phenomenon is a natural result. I think that it needs to promote a substitution industry, like as the tourist industry.

I want to suggest coal museum as first step of tourist Taebeak. This museum should includ value as contemporary vestige about coal had became like a relic of the past and space which is able to feel miners life had been lived with a suffering.